Pejo StUD Male : Silverstream Negus

Pejo StUD Male : Silverstream Negus

Silverstream Negus (co-owned by
Ruby Downs Alpacas)

Sire:  Silverstone Ice Master ET
Dam:  Siverstream Hersheys
IAR:  1013973

Negus is an Intermediate black male of exceptional quality (2015 National Black Champion & Reserve Champion black fleece) – Negus will be working for Ruby Downs Alpacas this coming summer and we look forward with great anticipation to seeing his first progeny Spring 2016.

Pejo Stud Male : Oak Ridge Zurich

Pejo Stud Male : Oak Ridge Zurich

Oak Ridge Zurich

Sire: Oak Ridge Branson
Dam: Oak Ridge Celeste
IAR:  1002388

Zurich is an outstanding black male who has won many awards already. He is producing very high standard cria and passes on his very calm nature genes. Zurich is available for outside matings - $NZ900.00



Bywong Waverley

Sire: Canchones Trafalgar ET
Dam: Canchones Fetish
IAR:  204386

Waverley is a lovely natured true-black boy, with the very best of Canchones genetics, who is due to commence duties with Ruby Downs very soon. 

Sarau Hills Jasper

Sire: Homestead Farm Absolute
Dam: Dream Star Jasmine
IAR:  1012923

Jasper has come to Ruby Downs to meet the needs of some of our lovely fawn girls – he has a very friendly, easy to handle nature, with a lustrous, bright, dense fleece, and with outstanding curvature, and very low primary fibre content.

Photo: Soreign Johnston.